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So the time has arrived! This Wednesday at 8! Channel 4 Restoration man!!! Oh dear!

Tune in for what promises to be a very entertaining, informative, cringingly embarrassing (for us) hour & hope you enjoy it muchly 🙂

Work hasn’t stopped for us though! last week there we were out on the mill race with a Ping pong ball measuring how long it took the said ball to swim 10 meters down stream! Not sure what the idea of this was! I just do as I’m told!!!

This information has been carefully calculated by my clever maths teacher niece (Vicki) & her clever maths teacher friend ( Gail), & along with lots of other information the endless forms have now been sent off to the environment’s department! & now we wait… The ultimate aim of this lengthy process is ‘Hydro’ to light & maybe even ‘heat’ the mill using the powers of the water & of course the amazing water wheel! So… fingers crossed for this!

William Armstrong would be so thrilled that his beloved Cragside along the road, is very soon to be up & running for hydro electricity also harnessing the power of the Coquet thanks to the soon be installed archamedies screw, set to generate up to 12 kW of power! This is hopefully going to light the whole place:)

Let’s hope we won’t be far behind with our plans, although these things are never straight forward! Abstraction licenses don’t come easy even though we won’t be abstracting & the wheel has been there in some form doing the same thing ( going around) for hundreds of years!

So… That aside it’s on to working on the barn next door in Ernest!

Hopefully won’t take as long as the mill! The Threshing barn will look ‘amaaaazing’ ( as George would say) so you can all come on that journey with me from start to finish but let’s get Wednesday over first!

Hankies at the ready and enjoy 🙂

Thanks for reading the ramblings of a lady mill owner!!! x

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