Top viewing figures

It seems according to Tiger productions, that Thrum mill had the highest viewing figures of the series!

Now this could be due to one of three things!

  1. Dave reckons I know ‘everybody’! so as I told everyone I know…
  2. Could have been nothing else worth watching on other channels! Can’t be this though as I know George Gently was on ‘ the other side’ !
  3. last but not least, it could just be down to the fact that Thrum mill is loved by a lot of people ( over 2 million & I certainly don’t know that many people’!!! & apparently they have all been very excited about the re visit!

Still available on catch up for anyone that isn’t included in the 2 million! Or for those (like me) that just couldn’t hear it for all the noise going on)!

Had a great night here with my lovely family including both of our grown-up children, who are all of course huge fans 🙂 especially my Mum:) it was just so lovely watching her reaction at seeing us lot on the telly!

Chris the Son cringes at seeing himself of course! But his work at the mill has been amazing, from bathrooms to wood-burning stoves he’s been a leading force 🙂

Chris is a self employed, qualified electrician & HETAS engineer & a general all round nice fella & is available for hire !!! ( his Dad often comes as part if the deal he he).

Dave is happy to share the knowledge he has gained from the whole water wheel experience! Just e mail or call with any comments, queries, problems & if he knows the answers he’ll be more than happy to tell you!

Thanks for watching, reading & caring x

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