The Threshing Barn

Well better late than never as they say!

No… It’s not finished but at least I’ve got around to writing about it!

All is going well I’m pleased to report!

Weather has been very kind allowing lots of stone work to be done!

Locally sourced stone has proved invaluable in keeping ‘the look’ just right! Talking of stone…

It’s nice to live here at the mill & have Dave working just a stones throw away! That means I can keep an eye on him!!!

He still does silly things (of course)! but if he knows I’m not far off to tell him off, he restricts himself!… No hospital visits so far ‘touch wood’.

Hopefully the felt will going on soon & roof work will be completed before the winter which couldn’t possibly be as mild as last one!!!

I’m working on my ‘living in a water mill’ blog so one of these days!!! But in the mean time I’ll post some barn pictures!

Thanks for taking the time to read 🙂 !!!

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